A Fan Favorite: Pajamas from Pato O’Wards Shop

A Fan Favorite: Pajamas from Pato O’Wards Shop

Pato O’Ward has become a fan favorite in the IndyCar Series, alongside his Ninja PO Pajamas. In fact, we stumbled upon them thanks to a fan!

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Before we get to the pajamas, let’s take a look at O’Ward’s journey in motorsports. He started in karting and quickly progressed through the ranks. In 2016, he joined the Pro Mazda Championship, where he secured the championship title with an impressive seven victories.

The following year, O’Ward moved up to the Indy Lights series. His performance in Indy Lights was nothing short of remarkable, as he won nine out of the seventeen races in the 2018 season and clinched the championship title.

In 2019, O’Ward made his IndyCar debut, driving for the Harding Steinbrenner Racing team. O’Ward’s talent and determination did not go unnoticed, and in 2020, he joined the Arrow McLaren SP team as a full-time driver in the IndyCar series.

Off the track, O’Ward is known for his positive attitude, strong work ethic, and dedication to his craft. He is passionate about his Mexican heritage and takes pride in representing his country in the world of motorsports.

Alright, back to the gear. O’Ward’s shop offers a range of items including:

  1. Apparel: The shop offers a variety of apparel items, including t-shirts, hoodies, pajamas, and hats. These items feature Pato O’Ward’s name, number, or logo, allowing fans to show their support and represent their admiration for the talented racing driver.
  2. Accessories: There are several accessories available, such as keychains, lanyards, and stickers. These small items are perfect for fans who want to add a touch of Pato O’Ward’s presence to their everyday lives or to their racing gear.
  3. Collectibles: The shop also offers collectible items that racing enthusiasts will appreciate. These include die-cast model cars, which replicate the vehicles driven by Pato O’Ward in his races. These collectibles make for great additions to any motorsports memorabilia collection.
  4. Posters and Prints: Fans can adorn their walls with high-quality posters and prints featuring O’Ward. These items showcase thrilling moments from his races or iconic images of the racing driver, allowing fans to display their admiration for his talent and achievements.
  5. Phone Cases: For those who want to personalize their mobile devices, the shop provides O’Ward-themed phone cases. These cases feature vibrant designs and protect your phone while showcasing your support for the racing driver.
  6. Drinkware: The shop offers a selection of drinkware items, including tumblers and mugs. These items feature O’Ward’s name, number, or logo, making them perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages while expressing your love for motorsports.

Pato O’Ward’s online fan shop provides a range of merchandise for fans to celebrate and support their favorite racing driver. Whether it’s apparel, accessories, collectibles, or other items, fans can find a variety of options to showcase their admiration for Pato O’Ward’s talent and passion for motorsports.

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